In Defense of Using Local Architects

Posted on 28 Feb 2015 in All Posts, Firm Blog, Small Thoughts Blog | 0 comments

The south/central region of the United States has weathered the economic storm over the past decade quite nicely, thanks. In particular, Oklahoma City has enjoyed continued and sustained growth due to a diversification of its economy – as compared to the bust of the 1980’s. Admittedly, the most recent elevated growth in development has still […]

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Temporary Architecture…

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We live in a time of incredible change. I remember hearing that often growing up in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and how much more true is that now? Most would say the biggest changes over the past decade have been due to technology, and that would certainly be correct. However, I’ve been struck by the […]

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The Challenges of Tenant Finish Outs

Posted on 21 Nov 2013 in Crystals Blog | 0 comments

This week I have been working on a new and exciting project with OU Physicians.  We are going to be relocating a lab and clinic to a new building.  The current space is cramped and doesn’t function efficiently.  It has been my challenge to try to balance their needs and wishes along with the space […]

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The Beauty of Recycling

Posted on 20 Nov 2013 in Saras Blog | 0 comments

I think we can all agree that recycling is a beneficial process for our environment.  However, when you think of a recycling center you probably don’t picture a well-designed, state-of-the-art facility.  You probably picture an industrial, utilitarian warehouse where function is all that matters and design is a non-concern.  Architects around the world are exploring […]

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Parking Spaces and Urban Areas

Posted on 31 Oct 2013 in Crystals Blog | 0 comments

An issues has come up on one of my projects about parking.  This project is in an urban part of Oklahoma City that encourages street parking and thus requires no on-site parking.  The site has existing parking on it that we can retain, but we can’t add any new parking which the user requested.  Unfortunately […]

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