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print /print/ (verb) :to cause (words, images, etc.) to appear on paper or cloth by using a machine (called a printer) :to use a machine (called a printing press) to produce (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) :to include (something) in a book, newspaper, magazine, etc.   (Merriam-Webster m-w.com)   Printing history goes back to the day […]

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things_2014

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In the spirit of the season, I wanted to reflect back on the past year and share some moments of inspiration I found in 2014. (Click on the images for a link to the source of inspiration!) … January_Moses Bridge_Netherlands Just as the name suggests, this modern bridge literally parts the waters of the Fort de Roovere. […]

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Color in Design

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Color can influence architecture and interior design in many ways. It can act as a source of calming, boldness to evoke energy or as a backdrop to let art, furniture or people speak as a main attraction. Color can stimulate an emotion and express an attitude the user wishes to portray. Color can be used […]

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Submerged Architecture

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With all the snow and cold weather around here wouldn’t we all like to go on a tropical vacation right about now?  Have you heard of the new trend popping up with luxury hotels?  Underwater rooms are quickly becoming popular in the hospitality industry but if you’d like to spend an evening with the fishes […]

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What is Timeless Design?

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What is timeless design?  I was recently asked this question.  Trends come and go: distressed furniture, faux painted walls, floral sofas, olive colored refrigerators.  But there are a  few design elements that come to mind that I consider timeless. Wood.  It’s classic.  It’s modern.  It can set the backdrop to any style.  From wood floors […]

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