Craftsman Residence: Construction Tour

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Last Friday afternoon the weather was a beautiful sunny and 70 so our office took advantage and visited the residence we currently have under construction.  The home is a Craftsman style, two story structure located on approximately 2 acres near Lake Arcadia.  Below is our rendering and the elevation of the front of the home. […]

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Ctrl + P

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print /print/ (verb) :to cause (words, images, etc.) to appear on paper or cloth by using a machine (called a printer) :to use a machine (called a printing press) to produce (books, newspapers, magazines, etc.) :to include (something) in a book, newspaper, magazine, etc.   (Merriam-Webster   Printing history goes back to the day […]

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Who didn’t like playing with LEGOs as a kid?  Who doesn’t like playing with LEGOs as an adult?  LEGOs let you design like an architect, and build like a contractor.  I recently stumbled upon this article about the largest Frank Lloyd Wright LEGO model.  This Taliesin West model consists of 200,000 LEGOs, completed by Adam Reed […]

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Architecture of Faith

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Architecture has the amazing ability to evoke a strong emotional response in a person.  Whether it is appreciated as art, amazed for its engineering feats, or humbles a person with its scale, architecture can provoke an awareness unlike any other form of art.  When visiting a place of worship a deep emotional response is exactly […]

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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things_2014

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In the spirit of the season, I wanted to reflect back on the past year and share some moments of inspiration I found in 2014. (Click on the images for a link to the source of inspiration!) … January_Moses Bridge_Netherlands Just as the name suggests, this modern bridge literally parts the waters of the Fort de Roovere. […]

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